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Ana, 19, Whovian (classic and new), Ravenclaw, Amity/Erudite. I ship ten and rose for ever.
favorite doctor: 2,10,11 in no particular order
favorite companions: Rose, Jamie, Amy, Jack, Zoe, Ian and Barbra
shows i watch: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Broadchurch, Orphan Black, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, friends, HIMYM, tbbt, OITNB, Elementary, btvs, grey's anatomy

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Now, listen, all of you. For all we know that’s a brand new life form over there. And if it’s come inside to discover us, than what’s it found? This little bunch of humans. What do you amount to, murder? Because this is where you decide. You decide who you are. Could you actually murder her? Any of you? Really? Or are you better than that? 

Patrick Throughton’s son played the professor in this episode